My name is CL and I draw mazes.

A maze is "a network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way out". I would add that a maze can be displayed as visual art. Corn mazes are mazes cut out of a corn field. Many corn mazes are based on artistic designs”. Most people only think of a maze as a puzzle, but I think of them as puzzle art.

I have been drawing mazes for over 25 years. When I first started drawing mazes, I only thought of them as puzzles. It was all about how hard I could make the paths out of the maze, how many dead ends could I put into the maze, or how many loops could I trick the user into entering. As time went on, I started to put more time and detail into each maze, focusing more on the design than the puzzle. To me, the puzzle part comes easy, it’s the design or the artistic part of the maze that's more difficult. I try to find a balance between the art and the puzzle. I still want the maze to be a challenge, but I also want the artistic side of maze to be front and center.

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